true yield

A seldom-used term meaning the simple interest yield for an investment maturing in one year or less. In calculating true yield, the actual number of days in the year (365) is divided by the actual number of days that the investment income is earned. American Banker Glossary

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true yield true yield yield1

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true yield UK US noun [C]
FINANCE the profit produced by an investment, considering the effect of the time value of money (= the way that payments received in the future are worth less than those received now) or the effect of inflation: »

Waiting six months for your money reduces the true yield on your investment.

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET the profit from bonds, considering the price paid for them, interest payments received on them, and their value when they mature (= when they are paid back): »

When a bond is bought at a discount there will be a gain when the bond matures, and the bondholder receives par value back, thus raising the true yield.

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